Custom Fasteners manufacturer

Serving a wide array of industries from marine and mining to construction and electronics, our custom fasteners can be used for a broad variety of applications, including boilers, bridges, hydraulics, and machine tools. Offering the capability to work with a large number of materials up to 300mm in outer diameter, such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, free-cutting steel, mild steel, plastics, nylon and POM. P4W can heat treat our custom fasteners to match our your unique requirements.

Offering a large variety of custom fasteners & special fixings: Pins, Nuts, Bolts, Studs, Screws, and washers. P4W can manufacture numerous styles of custom fasteners based upon your specifications.

Providing multiple finishing options ranging from nickel, brass, and zinc plated to chrome, color coated, and galvanized, our custom fasteners can be built to meet either English, British or metric standards.

Our experienced engineers can work from either drawings or samples. Parts4World - Your premier source for all of your custom fasteners, plastic fasteners & special fixings needs!