Pins - or dowel pins fasteners, are available in hundreds of different shapes and sizes for any project or application. Varieties are normally hexagonal or round in shape.

Dowel pins are a category of parts that is the subject of frequent confusion among designers, engineers, buyers, and purchasing departments. There are an abundance of end designs, micro-finishes, and features that complicate matters.

Inserted into receiving holes, dowel pins hold together parts of an assembly with friction. They may also be used as location pins. These pins are common in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as in furniture making.

we manufacture many kinds of custom pins as per client's print drawing or design, providing the custom pins, special pins, metal pins, location pins, knurled pins, dowel pins, taper pins, clevis pins, detent pins, headless pins, aluminum pins, brass pins, mild steel pins, free-cutting steel pins, stainless steel pins, plastic pins and special fastening products for electronics and industry applications.

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