Washers - are available in a wide range of sizes, finishes, and materials. They provide surface protection by distributing pressure evenly over the part being secured, prevent pullout of fasteners, and relieve surface friction to prevent loosening when fastening uneven surfaces.

P4W carries a variety of durable washers intended to fit under the head of a fastener in order to increase the hold of the fastener or to increase the bearing surface.

We manufacture many kinds of precision custom washers as per client's print drawing or design, providing the non-threaded fasteners, flat washers, couplers washers, fender washers, mudguard washers, plain washers, shoulder washers, USS washers, SAE washers, countersunk washers, aluminum washers, brass washers, mild steel washers, free-cutting steel washers, stainless steel washers, plastic washers, nylon washers and special fastening products for electronics and industry applications.

If you want to purchase these precision custom washers, just contact us, then we can provide you with the best quality washers and fastening non-threaded products. We are a custom washers manufacturer who specialize in many flat washers & countersunk washers used in items such as electronics, vehicles, pumps, medicals, fasteners, pipes, gauges, power and industry equipment.