Nuts - or mating fasteners, are available in hundreds of different shapes and sizes for any project or application. Varieties are normally hexagonal or round in shape, and have either coarse or fine internal threads that correspond to those of a mating bolt.

we manufacture many kinds of custom precision nuts as per client's print drawing or design, providing the custom nuts, round nuts, hex nuts, long nuts, flat nuts, thin nuts, lock nuts, jam nuts, heavy hex nuts, acorn nuts, coupling nuts, square nuts, high nuts, acme nuts, cap nuts, coil nuts, aluminum nuts, brass buts, mild steel nuts, free-cutting steel nuts, stainless steel nuts, plastic nuts and special fastening products for electronics and industry applications.

If you want to purchase these precision custom nuts, just contact us, then we can provide you with the best quality nuts and fastening products. We are a custom nuts manufacturer who specialize in many round nuts & hex nuts used in items such as electronics, vehicles, pumps, medicals, fasteners, pipes, gauges, power and industry equipment.