Special fasteners - we manufacture custom fasteners and fittings as per client's print drawing or design, inserts, nuts, hex nuts, bushings, washers, sleeves, spacers, sockets, connectors, knobs, terminals, adapter, pins, headless pins, screw, set screws, rings, bolts, rods, allthread rods, studs, standoffs, rivets, handles and special fastening products for electronics and industry applications.

we export wide range of fully threaded, partially threaded and non-threaded special fasteners including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, nylon, mild steel and free-cutting steel. With various range of fastener standard including DIN, GB, ASME, IFI, ANSI, PEM, JB, EN, ISO, JIS, HG, NFE, UNI and BS.

If you want to purchase these custom fasteners, just contact us, then we can provide you with the best quality special fasteners products. We are a precision turned components / custom fasteners manufacturer who specialize in many custom fastening components used in items such as electronics, vehicles, pumps, medicals, fasteners, pipes, gauges, power and industry equipments.