> China aluminum or brass custom precision small turned parts manufacturer
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China aluminum or brass custom precision cnc turned parts manufacturer

China Leading Manufacturer of Custom Precision Aluminum or Brass Small Turned Parts & CNC Turning Parts

Processing Material: Aluminum & Brass, Stainless steel 303, 316, free-machining steel, Mild Steel, POM...etc.,
Machining Facility: Swiss Screw Machine Products & Turned Parts
Bar Turning & Machining on Automatic Lathe
Bar CNC Machining and Turning
Milling plus CNC Machining
Stamping + CNC Machining
Processing Expertise in:

Screw Machine Parts & Turned Engineering Components
Custom Precision Turned parts & Special Fasteners
Aluminum or Brass Outer & Inner Screw Threaded Turned Parts
Aluminum or Brass Diamond & Straight Knurled Turned Parts
Aluminum or Brass Wire Terminals & Connectors, Inserts, Pins
Hex or Round thin & Thick nuts, All Threaded Rods, Custom Aluminum flashlight, Custom Fasteners, Din933, DIN934, din975...
Precision Turning Parts applicate for Medical Devices, Microwave Communication Equipment, Computer, Hardware, General Industry...

Additional Scope of Work: Plastics Parts and Global sourcing service & consult
Annual Processing Capacity: 1000 Metric Tons
Annual Processing Volume: 30 Million Components of Different profile & Mechanical design
Processing Range: 1 mm to 300 mm Outer Diameter, the most competitive machining range from 3mm to 15mm outer Diameter!
CAD Software: AutoCAD, ProE, DWG, PDF, JPG...
Documentation: PPAP Level, FAI Report
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China aluminum or brass custom precision small turned parts manufacturer
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